Fire Congressman John Faso

For Immediate Release

Too many people in this country are suffering.

While Wall Street roars, billionaire real estate developers cheer, big oil gushes, and lobbyists drown Washington, working men and women just trying to pay the bills find only low-wage jobs and little opportunity. Republicans vote to eliminate health insurance for millions of people but do nothing to control outrageous drug prices that really hurt our senior citizens. And they pass a tax bill that benefits only the wealthiest Americans, the top 1%.

Now, Mitch McConnell is threatening Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for those tax cuts. And further, Republicans like John Faso loosen big business regulations and reduce workplace protections for working families. Trump promotes hate and division, attacking people who look different and practice different religions. The deficit soars to stratospheric levels. Truth and decency are abandoned. Climate change is denied, and people dies as a result of record hurricanes, heat, and fires.

Clearly, we need to change the direction America is headed. Let’s take our country back. Vote for Antonio Delgado – Tuesday, November 6.


November is Coming

Share. Donate. Vote.

The Catskills Freedom Network is a federal Political Action Committee formed in 2017 to support policies and candidates to change what is happening in Washington. The swamp is only getting deeper.

As a step in that direction, the Catskills Freedom Network needs your help to defeat Congressman John Faso in New York’s 19th Congressional District. Why? Because Congressman Faso has voted over and over again to eliminate protections for the men and women who live in his district. We need a representative who fights for us and our interests.

Not So Fast, Faso!

Each week we will highlight what the Congressman is neglecting to tell his constituents, point out his inconsistencies and hypocrisies and show how he damages NY-19 with his devotion to Trump and the Republican Agenda. “Work Week with Congressman Faso” is released each week late in the day of Friday.

Not So Fast, Faso!

Fire Congressman John Faso - Vote

How can you help?

If you live in NY19, we strongly urge you to vote against Faso on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. If you have a second home in NY19, please register to vote at your second home. Follow us and share our social posts and videos to help get our message out to your friends and neighbors, and to help us see how much support we are gaining. If you wish to financially support our effort, please click here.