About CFN

The Catskills Freedom Network was formed by a combination of Democratic activists from Schoharie County, Columbia County and Berkshire County. The Catskills Freedom Network team includes an award-winning creative director with decades of experience in all forms of media, an experienced writer/ journalist, and a media consultant from the District.

The chair of Catskills Freedom Network is Sherwood Guernsey. Sherwood has deep roots in Congressional District 19. He grew up in Schoharie, New York, where the Guernseys have lived for many generations. He went to the public schools there, was an Eagle Scout, and still owns a home there, where his sister resides. His grandfather started a local business in Schoharie, the Guernsey Nurseries, in 1889.

His father worked there for many years, and Mr. Guernsey is still a stockholder. He understands the needs of small businesses and the lack of good opportunities for working families in this District. At present, he is an attorney, who lives with his wife in Williamstown, MA, a former legislator, and currently a member of the Democratic State Committee and the Berkshire Democratic Brigades, a county Democratic organization he helped form along with Lee Harrison, another of the Catskills Freedom Network’s founders with substantial political experience.

The Catskills Freedom Network will use various media to remind people in the District of Faso’s anti-working family agenda, along with his promotion of policies that help the wealthy, and big business, not upstate New Yorkers. In short, we will show people who the real John Faso is and how damaging his policies are.