Faso Votes Against Us

With his very first vote, Faso voted to overturn an Obama-era regulation that would have added 75,000 mentally unstable people to the national background check database.  These are individuals who receive disability benefits for mental health conditions that prevent them from managing their own affairs (H.J. Res. 40).  Clearly, most responsible people agree that mentally ill people, like the disturbed young man who killed 17 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, should not be able to buy guns, especially weapons of war.  But Congressman Faso is willing to sacrifice the safety of our kids for campaign dollars from the NRA.

But that’s not all.  He also voted:

Against Worker Protections

  1. Voted against work-related injury protection by weakening employers’ obligation to make and maintain an accurate record of injuries and illnesses. 1.17
  2. Voted to endanger workers’ lives by repealing worker injury reporting requirements from Federal contractors 2.2.17
  3. Voted to limit worker access to local retirement plans 2.15.17
  4. Voted against job development in underserved areas like CD 19.   7.21.17
  5. Voted against reducing workers’ taxes with an Earned Income Tax Credit.   7.21.17

Against Funding for Education

  1. Voted against funding for education, training and employment.   7.21.18
  2. Voted against funding for student loans through Pell Grants.   7.21.18

Against Funding for Veterans

  1. Voted against increasing funding for veterans services.   7.21.17

To Deny Access to Health Care

  1. Voted to deny health insurance protection to millions 1.13.17
  2. Voted against guaranteed health benefits under Medicare and to change Medicare to a voucher program 7.21.17; 11.2.17
  3. Voted not to allow cuts in prescription drugs.  7.21.17

Against Consumer Protections

  1. Voted to repeal consumer protections when buying your home 6.8.17
  2. Voted to deny support for Consumer Financial Protection  7.21.17

To Decrease Social Security and Medicare

  1. Voted to allow decreases in Social Security payments.  7.21.17

For Huge Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

  1. Voted for big tax cuts for wealthy and corporations 12.16.17; 12.19.17; 12.20.17
  2. Voted against – but did NOTHING to prevent – the Republican tax bill, under which you can no longer deduct state and local taxes on your federal income tax return 12.16.17; 12.19.17; 12.20.17