Parody video launched in NY District 19 featuring animated rapper DJ John Faso rapping about taking your healthcare away.

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HILLSDALE, NY Oct 18, 2018 – Republican Congressman John Faso has a lot to answer for on election day, Nov. 6.

But his most egregious act was against healthcare: voting to abolish the Affordable Care Act for New Yorkers – after promising to protect it, a promise recorded for all to see. This was a level of betrayal and dishonesty we don’t often see from our elected representatives, for it especially targeted the women and children of New York’s 19th Congressional District. Tens of thousands of Faso’s own constituents would be stripped of healthcare coverage. What’s more, even though Faso promised he would not allow insurers to deny coverage for preexisting conditions, his vote would have accomplished exactly that!

So, in a new video ad “Make You Sick” released today by the Catskills Freedom Network, animated rapper DJ Faso again turns the tables on the real Congressman Faso, imagining him as a rapper trying to explain his betrayal to his voters. Here’s a sample:

I’m John Faso
Love breaking promises
Affordable Care Act
I voted to abolish it
You could look it up
It’s really not a rumor
I lied through my teeth
To a woman with a tumor.

So why doesn’t Congressman John Faso care about what happens to the people, especially women, who elected him? Why did he betray us on healthcare?

“Faso has a history of betraying his constituents,” said Michael Dvorchak of Hudson, NY. “He voted to deprive health care for millions of Americans – while endangering people with pre-existing conditions – and to cut Medicaid for seniors and the disabled. He has supported huge corporate tax cuts, while offering temporary crumbs to the middle-class, and has voted repeatedly to undo workplace safety protections, placing hard-working Americans at risk. In short, he has betrayed his constituents, and our ads will highlight all of this.”

“From now until election day, Nov. 6, voters in New York 19 can watch rapper DJ Faso’s ads on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook – along with ads highlighting how Congressman Faso has hurt working families,” said Sherwood Guernsey, Catskills Freedom Network Chair.

The Catskills Freedom Network was created in 2017 by a group of concerned citizens from Schoharie and Columbia counties in New York and Berkshire County, MA to help bring about a change in Congress, so we all can have a brighter future.