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Parody video launched in NY District 19 featuring a rapping John Faso

HILLSDALE, NY Oct. 2, 2018 –“Representative John Faso must think very little of his constituents…He’s counting on them to be bigots,” The New York Times Editorial Board said recently. PACs supporting John Faso have flooded the airwaves of the New York district where he’s running for re-election with ads aimed at his opponent Antonio Delgado — ads which focus on his stint as a rap artist ten years ago. These ads from groups supporting Faso are widely regarded as racist and have created massive opposition from the public to this kind of messaging.

So, in a video ad “DJ Faso: Race Bait” released today by the Catskills Freedom Network, our animated rap artist “DJ Faso” turns the tables on the real Congressman Faso, imagining him as a rapper trying to sell these dog-whistle racist views to voters in New York’s 19th Congressional District.  Here’s a sample:

“I think you’re all racist, so I’ll use it as bait 
To make you feel hatred, then it won’t be too late
To win this election, doesn’t matter if I’m honest
I’ll do anything to keep my seat in the Congress.”

“The Faso people went right to the bottom with these ads — focusing on race and trying to appeal to people’s worst instincts. But they don’t know the voters. Decent people won’t stand for that kind of thing,” said Sherwood Guernsey, CFN Chair. “Although Faso says that he has nothing to do with these ads since they were not created directly by his campaign, neither has he condemned them.”

From now until election day, Tue Nov. 6, voters in New York 19 can watch rapper DJ Faso’s ads on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. “And there’s more to come,” added Michael Dvorchak of Hillsdale, NY. “Congressman Faso’s issues go well beyond this race-baiting, so our ads will also be highlighting many other issues showing how Congressman Faso has hurt working families.”

The Catskills Freedom Network was created in 2017 by a group of concerned citizens from Schoharie and Columbia counties in New York and Berkshire County, MA to help bring about a change in Congress, so we all can have a brighter future.