Only 19 More Weeks with Congressman Faso

Welcome to the response to John Faso’s weekly newsletter “Work Week With Congressman Faso.”

Each week we will highlight what the Congressman is neglecting to tell his constituents, point out his inconsistencies and hypocrisies and show how he damages NY-19 with his devotion to Trump and the Republican Agenda.

Week ending July 27

John Faso’s statements from his weekly newsletter are in red:

Making Healthcare More Affordable by Empowering Patients


This week, I voted on two pieces of legislation – H.R. 6199 and H.R. 6311 – that will make healthcare more affordable by empowering patients to make choices that take into account their needs, wants, and budget.

By increasing choices and giving patients more flexibility and control, we can begin to lower healthcare costs for consumers. These two bills, along with repealing the Medical Device Tax, will help reduce costs passed onto patients to make care more affordable, accessible, and tailored for each unique situation. Additionally, I am glad to see language I’ve co-sponsored to allow health savings accounts to help families and parents cover physical activity and exercise expenses included in the legislation passed.

Congressman or Swamp Rat?

Which John Faso are we supposed to trust?  The Congressman who votes for bills that supposedly serve the needs of the middle class, seniors, veterans, farmers, those already sick, the disabled, the addicted, the unemployed?  Or the Swamp Rat who voted twice for the Republican health care bill that would have caused over 30 million people to lose health insurance coverage, eliminated a guarantee of affordable health insurance for people with preexisting medical conditions, allowed State officials to permit insurers to charge whatever they wanted to the elderly and institute lifetime caps on coverage, and worst of all, slashed Medicaid that provides health coverage for millions of the working poor.   We have more confidence in the Swamp Rat Faso, who votes almost 90% of the time with his Republican party that favors big fossil fuel developers, favors tax measures that serve the very rich, promotes heads of government agencies who are thoroughly corrupt and openly aim to destroy their own agencies.   And who hides like a rat, from the public eye by refusing to hold open Town Hall sessions.


That’s it for this week’s rebuttal.
To be continued next week….

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