Only 17 More Weeks with Congressman Faso

Welcome to the response to John Faso’s weekly newsletter “Work Week With Congressman Faso.”

Each week we will highlight what the Congressman is neglecting to tell his constituents, point out his inconsistencies and hypocrisies and show how he damages NY-19 with his devotion to Trump and the Republican Agenda.

Week ending Aug 10

John Faso’s statements from his weekly newsletter are in red:

Break the Gridlock – Promoting Problem Solving in Congress

I joined thirty-five of my colleagues in supporting the ‘Break the Gridlock’ proposal to alter rules in the House of Representatives with the goal of building consensus in solving the nation’s biggest problems. The proposed rule package would incentivize transparency and open legislative processes, along with creating debate and promoting consensus building across the aisle.

For too long, Congress has kicked the can down the road on some of our most pressing issues, including fixing our broken immigration system, rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, and compromising on a long-lasting healthcare system solution that truly lowers costs for consumers and improves healthcare outcomes. This package contains common-sense reforms that will incentivize transparency, compromise, and problem solving. I was happy to support the principles contained in this package.

BREAK the deadlock or CREATE the deadlock?

Not so fast, Faso.  You’re mouthing words about compromising on a long-lasting and lower costing healthcare system.  But you and your Republican buddies in Congress show your true colors by voting again and again for a health care system that cuts Medicare funding by millions, so slashes government funding for health care to seniors, veterans, the disabled, those with pre-existing conditions, middle class workers who can’t afford the rising costs of medications, hospitals in rural areas that will no longer be compensated for emergency care for those who have chosen to be uninsured.  Plus you vote for a Republican tax bill that benefits the rich and the large corporations while increasing, long term, the tax burden on the middle class and workers. This isn’t breaking deadlock in Congress, this is creating it, Faso. We’re not having it.

That’s it for this week’s rebuttal.
To be continued next week….

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