Only 26 More Weeks with Congressman Faso

Welcome to the response to John Faso’s weekly newsletter “Work Week With Congressman Faso.”

Each week we will highlight what the Congressman is neglecting to tell his constituents, point out his inconsistencies and hypocrisies and show how he damages NY-19 with his devotion to Trump and the Republican Agenda.

Week ending June 8

John Faso’s statements from his weekly newsletter are in red:

The Facts About Budget Rescissions

This week, the House voted on legislation to permanently cancel previously enacted budget authority. This means that money is rescinded from programs and agencies that no longer need the funds, cannot spend the money, or from programs that no longer exist.

Budget rescissions are a historically bipartisan and straightforward method of cleaning up federal spending accounts that did not spend their appropriated funds. It is irresponsible to let outdated taxpayer money to idly sit at agencies while our country is facing such high debt and deficits.

Unfortunately, some have tried to mischaracterize this action. The rescission will not negatively impact the activities at any federal agency or affect families and children that rely on the CHIP program. Indeed, I supported the law enacted earlier this year which fully funded the CHIP program for the next 10 years.  There simply is no reduction in the children’s health insurance program.

Additionally, $4 billion will be rescinded from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing loan program. This program has not issued a loan since 2011.

Not so fast, Faso:

Of the $7 billion the Trump proposal stripped from the CHIP program, $2 billion was in a contingency fund that the Administration said is no longer necessary. That’s not a small amount of money, and it could help provide healthcare to children if CHIP runs out of funds. Second, why was the other $5 billion not spent before the authority to spend it expired? Certainly, there were sick children who could have used that money for treatment. This is just another example of an Administration–and an enabling Republican party–that care more about tax cuts for the rich than healthcare for poor children.

Another cause for concern is Trump’s plan to do an end run around the budget process by canceling funding for social programs he doesn’t like, using a maneuver called “Presidential rescission.” Under this process, Congress can reduce or eliminate funds for any program that it has already appropriated with a simple majority in the Senate, rather than 60 votes. In other words, after supposedly bargaining in good faith with the Democrats on this year’s budget, which raised both military and domestic spending, the GOP is now going to zero out social programs that benefit the poor and the middle class while it still controls both houses. Nice trick, Faso!

Land and Water Conservation Fund Benefitting New York’s Economy

I met with representatives from the League of Conservation Voters to discuss the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), one of our nation’s most important outdoor recreation and conservation programs. The LWCF authorization expires at the end of September, and I’ve been a vocal advocate of permanently reauthorizing this beneficial program.

In August of 2017, I hiked on the Boniello Property in Pawling that borders the Appalachian Trail. Earlier this year, language was included in the Omnibus spending bill to acquire this property using LWCF funds to protect sensitive wildlife habitats and preserve the scenery of the trail. Hiking and camping on the Appalachian Trail as well as on the countless other scenic trials is an important part of New York’s outdoor economy. The outdoor recreational economy contributes millions of dollars to our economy each year as visitors spend money in stores and other businesses while visiting our communities.

Thank you to New York League of Conservation Voters Senior Vice President Joshua Klainberg and Dr. Lewis Morrison of Clifton Park for coming in to discuss these important issues.

It looks like we need to remind Faso yet again that Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, is doing everything he can to dismantle environmental regulations that protect recreational areas across the U.S., including the Catskills. If Faso cares so much about conservation, he and his Republican colleagues should be demanding that Trump fire Pruitt, who is the swampiest of the slimy swamp creatures to crawl into this President’s cabinet.

That’s it for this week’s rebuttal.
To be continued next week….

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