Stand Up For Working Families

As Americans – and working families – we all share fundamental values, and our elected representatives should, too.  Among these are:

  • Good Jobs – for everyone capable of working, and those jobs should come with health benefits and safe working conditions.
  • Respect for All People – regardless of color, religion, sexual orientation, or country of origin.
  • A Good Education – Available to people of all ages, regardless of zip code.
  • Universal, affordable health care for all – this includes prohibitions against insurance companies denying care for pre-existing conditions.
  • Women’s Rights – including equal pay for equal work, protection from sexual harassment, and reproductive rights.
  • Voting Rights – every adult has a constitutional right to vote, and no law should interfere with that right.
  • Clean Water to Drink and Clean Air to Breathe – We are retreating from policies Richard Nixon created, and we are changing the climate and endangering the planet by doing so.

Headed in the Wrong Direction

Congressman John Faso has voted against working families’ access to affordable health care and worker safety protections, and his party’s leadership opposes civil rights, women’s rights, voting rights, public education, and environmental protections.

Isn’t it time we had a government that held the same values as its working families?  Isn’t it time we had a Congressman who held the same values as we do?  Fire Faso and elect someone who values working families instead of corporations and the wealthy.