Whose Side Is He On?

Don’t listen to what a man says.  Watch what he does.

Congressman Faso is around the District a lot.  He attends dinners and events all over the area; he appears at Chamber breakfasts and summer barbeques.  He sounds nice and looks nice.

And he wants us to think he’s on our side. But is he?

Let’s take a look at a few of Congressman Faso’s votes:

  • He voted to take away affordable, accessible health insurance from millions of people, cutting funding for those with pre-existing conditions and those in nursing homes … maybe your father/mother, grandparents … by repealing the Affordable Health Care Act. 1.13.17
  • He voted to repeal stream protection laws that benefited our fisherman and outdoorsmen, not to mention protection of our clean water sources. 2.1.17
  • He voted to endanger workers’ lives by allowing federal contractors to avoid reporting labor violations. 2.2.17
  • He voted to reduce school accountability of your taxpayer dollars. 2.7.17
  • He voted to weaken worker protections by repealing rules regarding work-related injuries. 3.1.17
  • He voted to deny states the right to create (and therefore the right of workers to join) new local retirement plans. 2.15.17
  • He voted to repeal consumer protections to help you when buying a home, taking out a loan, or being assured your bank was solvent. 6.8.17
  • He voted to deny individuals the right to go to court with their grievances against certain financial institutions. 7.25.17
  • He voted to allow Medicare cost increases by eliminating an independent board whose function was to control Medicare costs. 11.2.17
  • He voted against the tax bill, but failed to lower your income taxes, because he failed to keep the full deduction for state and local taxes. 12.16.17; 12.19.17; and 12.20.17.

With Congressman Faso old habits – and friendships – die hard.  His votes consistently favor the big boys, the type of wealthy people and corporations he used to lobby for – before he decided to run for Congress.

In not one case did his votes reflect the interests of workers and families in his own district.

Congressman Faso talks a good line, but his votes tell you where he stands.

A Congressman who speaks out of both sides of his mouth, should lose his voice.

This November, vote to Fire Faso.